Our company develops and implements customized software, which analogues do not exist in the software market, or existing analogues do not satisfy the requirements of the client for the price and / or functionality.

 Sometimes it takes a holistic approach to the automation of the organization, including the delivery of and computer equipment, operating systems, database management systems, their installation, commissioning and configuration. In this case, we will take care of the supply of primary and secondary components of a software or hardware and software system

How is the development and implementation of software-key?

The standard scheme is as follows:

  • Your application or a written plan for the implementation of the software (possibly specialized) under the order;
  • Our specialists will quiz to clarify your objectives;
  • and we will prepare a commercial offer for you;
  • After which, we conclude the Contract;
  • Write Terms of Reference. It has carried out a more detailed examination to ascertain the challenges and demands of their formalization, coordination and approval;
  • on the basis of the terms of reference is the development, delivery, installation and configuration of software or hardware and software system. If necessary, conduct further development and documentation. All this we call "technological projects";
  • During the "trial operation" Your specialists can test custom software in practice and give their comments and suggestions for their improvement;
  • Well, and of course, there comes a solemn moment of acceptance of the executed works and commissioning of the software in the "commercial operation";
  • After which the Guarantee or Warranty + Support at your discretion.


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