What is  prepared decision?

It is designed and debugged a long time in operating software or hardware and software products of our partners. We can offer wide range of solutions in any industry on the basis of any of the platforms and technologies of our partners

The ready decision means the following:

 Installation without the need for design and realization of architecture and basic functionality;

  • Preset custom layouts design
  • Basic setup in a short time using excess number of configurable functional components;
  • Easy extensibility functionality by adding extra modules or their development under the order;
  • Save all professional tools;
  • Delivery as in "nature", and as a service (SaaS)

What are ready decisions not able to do?

A ready-made solution that will never need implementers - utopia. A ready solution does not know how to self-assure.

Our specialists will undertake:

  • forming of requirements (specification);
  • delivery, installation and setup;
  • if necessary, completion or development of modules or components;
  • implementation of the decision in activities of your entity;
  • warranty support and maintenance.

How is the implementation of the ready-made solution?

  • The standard scheme of implementation of ready solutions to the following:
  • Your request or just written intention for delivery of the decision;
  • our specialists will conduct blitz-questioning for clarification of Your tasks;
  • and we will prepare commercial suggestion for you;
  • After which, we conclude the Contract;
  • Write the Terms of Reference. Here, a more detailed survey is conducted to clarify the tasks and requirements, their formalization, harmonization and approval;
  • On the basis of the Technical specifications we supply, install and configure. If necessary, conduct additional development and documentation. It's what we call "Techno working project";
  • At the stage of "Experimental operation" your specialists can test the ready solution in practice and give their comments and suggestions on its optimization;
  • Well, and of course, there comes a solemn moment of delivery and acceptance of the work performed and the introduction of a ready solution into "Industrial Operation"
  • after which the Guarantee or warranty Support at Your discretion.



You can send the application for the ready solution here.