Thanks to our partner statuses we can provide deliveries of DBMS in any necessary amount, on the most profitable to you to the scheme of licensing:

  1. Oracle Database;
  2. IBM DB2

Proceeding from your needs, we will help to add the DBMS options for increase in productivity, reliability and safety of your information systems working at this DBMS.


In case of need, the turnkey delivery including delivery, installation, a commissioning and commissioning of the delivered DBMS is possible. Competently tuned and optimized the DBMS guarantees its high performance, fail safety and safety of critical data, and also provides simplicity of a support and maintenance.

Technical support of DBMS

The status of the DBMS shall be traced and be supported regularly in order to avoid unforeseen technical failures. Attending of the DBMS is necessary for support of safety and integrity of data, productivity of functioning, adaptation of the DBMS for requests and needs of the client.

As part of the support, certified specialists of our company will timely perform work on updating the DBMS, analyzing its status and optimizing performance, backup and restore, adapting the database to the needs of the organization. They will provide assistance in the management and operation of the DBMS, as well as in solving operational issues by phone or any other convenient form of communication for you and us.