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The company "FIDO-BIZNES" was established in 1993. Today the company is one of the largest developers and suppliers of information systems and technological solutions in the market of Uzbekistan. Currently, the company employs 100 people on a permanent basis. There are specialists who have been trained and certified by Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, IBM, DB2 DBMS.

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Оur clients


Delivery, implementation and technical support of ready-made solutions

It is designed and debugged a long time in operating software or hardware and software products of our partners. We can offer wide range of solutions in any industry ...

Delivery of database management systems (DBMS)

Thanks to our partner statuses we can provide deliveries of DBMS in any necessary amount, on the most profitable to you to the scheme of licensing

Turnkey software

Our company develops and introduces specialized software, analogues of which do not exist in the software market or existing analogues do not meet customer's ...

Delivery of server equipment

We can supply the server equipment produced by the leaders of the IT industry market.

System "HelpDesk"

Fido-Biznes system "HelpDesk" - is designed to work with applications from customers of Fido-Biznes


Description of other additions.


  • Government sector
  • Banking sector
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance
  • Leasing
  • Industrial sector
  • Healthcare
  • PHA
  • Universal products
  • Documents and materials

Interactive services

  • Internet reception
  • Application for software
  • Application for turnkey software
  • Application for server hardware


  • Перезвоните мне пожалуйста, 8 (911) 295-55-29 Антон.



  • Html5, css3, bootstrap4, javascript, typescript, angular6, reactjs, java core, java swing, java fx, java android. +99890-990-89-62



  • Iabs



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Reception: +998 71 277-98-86

Marketing department: +998 71 150-34-48

г. Ташкент, Чиланзарский р-н

ул. Бунёдкор, 8/2

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